Office 365 & Application Suites

Securing Your Data Outside of Office 365 

Self-Protection, Wherever Your Data Goes  

Keyavi protects sensitive data stored and shared through Microsoft O365 while maintaining functionality for end users. Our strong encryption and access control policies ensure that your data is self-protected and secure beyond O365, even when data goes offline. Protection embedded directly into the data itself. Maintain control of your data no matter where it goes, no matter how long it is out there.  

Embedded Protection & Control  

Keyavi does not need to rely on a specific platform, device, application or operating system. With embedded technology your data is protected in all forms and locations.  

  • Automatically secure any data in O365, including Office documents and PDFs and anything in between 
  • Protects and encrypts data content, either individual files or groups of files 
  • Built in security wherever it is created, collected, modified, or kept 
  • Encrypts the policy rulesets, making the data accessible only under the right conditions which can be set by the owner