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EE Times on air

International Editor of EE Times, Junko Yoshida has a compelling conversation with Keyavi Data CEO, Elliot Lewis about self-protecting data.

“Devilishly Clever”

Brian Santo, Editor-In-Chief – EE Times
Alissa Knight test bench

In the pilot episode of Test Bench, Alissa spends some reviewing Keyavi Data’s Software.

ee times – Keyavi Embeds Security inside Data, Not around Data

The time is months from today — August 1, 2020.  The place: Las Vegas. You are attending a Blackhat conference. You’ve been promised a top-secret document that will describe multi-layered encryption schemes no one has ever seen before…

A compelling article by Ann R. Thryft & Junko Yoshida

it pro today – How Keyavi Data Is Turning Data Loss Prevention on Its Head

Instead of controlling data with traditional DLP solutions, Keyavi wraps security around the data, allowing it stay under the owner’s control wherever it goes.

By Karen D. Schwartz

ee times – Cybersecurity and Remote Workers in the Age of Covid-19

Instead of controlling data with traditional DLP solutions, Keyavi What happens when practically everyone on the planet is suddenly told to stay home, all depending on their digital connections to the outside world? And what happens when many are working remotely for the first time, with little or no preparation for securing their computers, networks, and equipment connected to the enterprise?…

By Ann R. Thryft

dataversity – Keyavi Data Launches to Make Data Self-Protecting, Intelligent and Self-Aware

A recent press release reports, “Keyavi Data, a data security technology company that embeds protection directly into the data, today announced the public launch of the company and its leadership team. Keyavi’s data intelligence technology, which is currently open to a limited number of early access customers, enables data owners to maintain full control of their data for as long as they want. Independent of platform, transport or application, Keyavi protection works wherever that data travels or how it is stored, no matter the data type or format.”…

By A.R. Guess

kinght tv – episode 8

In this episode of KnighTV, Alissa Knight interviews Elliot Lewis, CEO of Keyavi Data (formerly Encryptics) on how self-aware data is killing the data loss prevention (DLP) market as an alternative to legacy DLP.

ciso Series podcast – Debunking the Misused “Chased By Bear” Cybersecurity Metaphor

Hosted by David Spark. Mike Johnson and Elliot Lewis have an intriguing discussion around cybersecurity and what self-protecting data can do today.

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