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Outbreak: Data Security in the  New Era of Pandemics 

Alissa Knight’s latest thought-leadership addresses a growing concern in data security of trade secrets, intellectual property, and sensitive data loss in a new era of remote workers and telecommuting as a result of pandemics driving businesses to allow employees to work from home.

            This white paper discusses the new generation of data security solutions that addresses the failure of traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to secure sensitive data that in today’s cloud-first economy is no longer effective. Data is now mobile and able to move between on-prem networks, cloud workloads, and SaaS providers. The fact of the matter is, network and endpoint DLP solutions have been rendered ineffective since data is no longer intended to stay within the confines of the enterprise’s on-prem network with the dissolution of the network edge.

            In a new world of pandemics and an increasing remote workforce, data must be able to flow wherever it needs to and still be able to protect itself. Trying to contain it is actually a detriment to your business.